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The New Talent Management Network helps talent management professionals to elevate their impact and build their capabilities. We are the largest free network for talent management leaders. It's a network "By You, For You."

We provide networking opportunities through our City Groups and original HR and talent management research through the Talent Strategy Group.


City Groups are our local, self-managed discussion groups that give talent management practitioners a chance to learn and network with their peers. They feature speakers and discussions that are squarely focused on the topics you most care about. They’re free and completely non-commercial – organized by us, for us.


City Groups have been paused given the other no- or low-cost opportunities available to HR professionals to network. 


In 2008, Marc Effron was a VP of Talent Management and received a familiar call. The organization calling was inviting him to pay $10,000 to network with other VPs of Talent. Marc asked for the names of the other individuals who might attend the networking events. After being told the names, he explained that he already knew those people and could network with them for free.

Marc didn't believe that you should have to pay to network and learn from your peers. So, he started the New Talent Management Network. 

If you are a corporate talent management leader, the work you do can have a large positive (or negative) impact on thousands of people in your organization. We need to continually challenge ourselves to improve our knowledge and capabilities to serve those who depend on us. That is the core purpose of the NTMN. 

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